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How important are the common loon and polar bear to Canadians?

After the 2016 Living Planet Report revealed that 67% of wild animals will disappear by 2020, we partnered with Women for Nature and Nature Canada to begin a critical conversation about biodiversity conservation in Canada. We brought together female researchers, practitioners and civil society leaders from Women for Nature to collectively identify and discuss viable solutions for biodiversity loss. Using our virtual forum, Changing the Conversation, our goal for this real-time conversation series was to increase civic literary around this critical imperative. We also wanted to help inform Canadian decision-makers about solutions and the urgent need for action now.

Designed to increase civic awareness, engagement, and literacy on the importance of biodiversity conservation for all Canadians, this series explored the following questions:

  • why is biodiversity important to Canadians?

  • what are the drivers and barriers for conservation?

  • how important are Canadian icons such as the common loon and polar bears to Canadian society?

  • most importantly, what can we do individually and collectively to protect it?

The Conversations

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