MC3 Learning Exchange

During the two phases of our MC3 research project, we brought together a diversity of climate leaders and champions, selected from a cross-section of BC communities for 3 peer-to-peer learning exchanges. Participants exchanged, discussed and reflected upon innovative climate solutions being undertaken to meet the climate change challenge. Designed as peer forums to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, these events facilitated discussion and exploration on unique policy, technical, institutional and social climate innovations occurring in the province. They also created spaces for exchanging effective tools for climate action and facilitated the sharing of lessons among innovators, researchers and practitioners.

The knowledge gathered during these events have informed our presentations, publications and also the development of an assessment framework tool. It contains 34 action areas organized into 6 categories and plots climate-related actions undertaken at any given moment by a local government (LG) as either incremental, transitional or transformative. 

The video below captures the insights of participants from our 2013 peer-to-peer learning exchange that brought together over 40 climate leaders and champions from across British Columbia.